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The Bryn Mawr Business Association (BMBA) actively works to support and promote the businesses of its members. Here are just a few benefits we provide when you join or renew your membership:

  • Eligibility to participate in Bryn Mawr Day and Bryn Mawr Night.

  • Participation in discounted group marketing in select publications, newspapers, and social media.

  • Listing on the BMBA website.

  • Participation in membership meetings throughout the year.

  • Eligibility for digital promotion opportunities via email and social media.

  • Plus, your membership dues support the purchase and installation of our annual holiday lighting.

BMBA invites you to share in our supportive environment and enjoy the benefits current members enjoy. Join us—or renew your membership—and help the Bryn Mawr business community continue to thrive.

Join the BMBA

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