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The Bryn Mawr
Business Association

The Bryn Mawr Business Association (BMBA) is a group of commercial businesses, professional individuals, and non-profit organizations that share the common goal of driving economic growth, nurturing a sense of community, contributing to beautification efforts, and protecting the civic interests of Bryn Mawr, BMBA members, and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Founded in 1917, the BMBA actively works to support and promote the respective businesses of its members. It also prioritizes connections; ample opportunities are available for members to network, collaborate, and cooperate in executing BMBA-sponsored events aimed to encourage patronage and an increased awareness of all Bryn Mawr has to offer. 

The BMBA helps increase Bryn Mawr business tourism through activities like Bryn Mawr Day, Bryn Mawr Santa Day, Bryn Mawr on Ice, and other community events throughout the year.

The current members of the BMBA invite you to share in its supportive environment and to enjoy the benefits current members enjoy. Join us as we continue our work in making the Bryn Mawr business community thrive.

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